ZadaCOM RS232 Modem

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  • ZadaCOM modem presents a modern solution of mobile industrial connection.
  • It supports EDGE technology which delivers the data transfer three times faster than GPRS.
  • The installation is very simple, modem is ready to use after inserting the SIM card and installing drivers.
  •  Modem is suitable for the applications that require a permanent connection as in the GPRS network you dont pay for the time you are connected, but for the volume of transferred data.
  • It presents an interesting alternative for fixed and comuted communication circuits.

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Thanks to the universal communication interface (RS-232) the modem is suitable for an industrial use in many fields, e.g.:
connection of computers and private networks to the Internet as the primary or back-up route,
industrial and telemetric applications,
banking (connection of ATMs/POS terminals),
security systems with remote control,
vending machines administration,
creation of virtual private networks,
mass sending of text messages,
remote control, operating and configuration of distant devices.

- Connection via COM port (DB9)
- Integrated SIM reader
- SMA connector
- 12 V adapter
- High-speed mobile technology EDGE
- EDGE (EGPRS) MS class 10
- GPRS multi-slot class 10
- Data transfer speed 236 kbps download/upload
- It works under WINDOWS 98, 2000, XP, Linux, MacOS
- Simple installation
- Compact design (size 92x44x24 mm, weight 40g)
- Temperature range 15 °C - + 55 °C
- Moisture range 5-95 %

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